Who We Are
At Unique Care Services QLD, we specialise in delivering a comprehensive array of disability services. Our overarching mission is to effect meaningful change in the lives of individuals facing disabilities. Our objective is to enhance the quality of life for each of our participants, fostering greater accessibility, quality, and integration within their respective communities.
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Our Services
Unique Care Services QLD is duly registered as an NDIS Provider, meticulously adhering to both Queensland and Commonwealth Government standards, ensuring the provision of impeccable and secure disability support services. Recognising the paramount importance of entrusting your loved one to exemplary care, at Unique Care Services QLD, we assure you that they are under the safety of guardianship. Our unwavering commitment revolves around furnishing you and your cherished one with nothing short of the most exceptional care attainable.
Experienced and Compassionate Staff
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Advanced Training
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Tailored Care Plans & Flexible Scheduling
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide personalised NDIS services?
Yes, at Unique Care Services Queensland, we only offer tailored NDIS services to help participants achieve their goals.
How can I get more details about the services that you offer?
You will just need to get in touch with us to get the details of the services that we provide. If you have queries, we will answer them as well.
What are the activities included in your domestic assistance service?
In the domestic assistance service, we assist with various household tasks such as home organisation, decluttering, laundry, etc.
Are the STAs that you offer safe and accessible?
Yes, we only offer short-term accommodations that are accessible, safe and equipped with all the necessary features.
Are your support workers compassionate?
Yes, our support workers are friendly, compassionate and committed to simplifying the lives of participants.
Do you offer 24/7 community nursing support?
Yes, we offer round-the-clock community nursing support and our nurses ensure quick recovery through extensive care.
Can you help me participate in group activities?
Yes, in our community participation service, we will help you participate in various group tasks.
How do you design NDIS support plans?
To design NDIS support plans, we will coordinate with you and your family and learn about your challenges.
Can you give me an overview of your NDIS plans?
Yes, we will walk you through your NDIS plan to give you an idea of the support that you will receive.
I want to get more details about your services? How can I get them?
The NDIS is not means-tested and has no impact on your Disability Support Pension (DSP).
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  • Request and access help to access services in the community
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